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Relocating our strain collection to Houston

This went better than expected - but I don't want to do it again.

It only takes up the space of three regular freezers.

The Thyer lab -80C freezer was installed this week so we headed back to Austin to pack up and relocate our frozen bacterial stocks. Even reducing it to just the essential this was still more than 50 freezer boxes worth. We needed nearly 150 lbs of dry ice to keep everything frozen during the three hour drive back to Houston. A big thanks to Joe DeSautelle for helping out!

I don't have any regrets on getting this monstrous chest freezer - the lack of ice around the seal alone makes it worth it. Despite its size it moves easily so relocating it to our permanent lab space won't be an issue. I am disappointed with the door lock though, it rotates to 'locked' when you open the lid.

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