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The Thyer lab is looking for talented researchers to join our team!


We are looking for highly motivated postdoctoral researchers to join our team. Candidates with protein engineering/molecular biology experience in yeast and/or bioinformatics backgrounds are particularly encouraged to apply. Those interested should contact Dr. Thyer and provide a PDF containing your CV, a description of research interests and accomplishments, as well as a complete list of publications. Candidates who have completed a PhD within the last three years are highly encouraged to apply for a Rice Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship.


Graduate Students:

Students with backgrounds in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology or other related disciplines are welcome to contact Dr. Thyer about joining the lab. Admission details for ChBE at Rice can be found at: (



Rice Undergraduates are encouraged to contact Dr. Thyer about research opportunities in the lab. A commitment of two consecutive semesters and four hours per week is required. Please attach a copy of your CV and transcript. 

In addition to Biomolecular Engineering, we also have a couple of projects for undergrads interested in electronics and coding. If this sounds interesting to you (or someone else in the cohort) then send us an email.

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The Thyer lab - January 2024

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